Welcome. I am excited to tell you a little about myself and, hopefully, we can share this voyage of life together.

My name is David Hooker (or Dave if you'd rather). I am a native of the Northwest, spending the bulk of my earlier years in Eugene, Oregon. I have experienced my share of abuses, ridicules and torment from classmates, shipmates, customers and family. I am a gregarious introvert, meaning I love to spend time with people, revitalizing my spirit through solitude and silence.

I am a Navy Submarine Veteran. I served 4 years aboard FBM (Fleet Ballistic Missile) submarines in the North Atlantic (who knows exactly where) during the Cold War. In addition to my regular duties, I created and lead Bible studies and served as an open ear to those who needed a friend or wise counsel. Both out at sea and on shore, shipmates looked to me for the wisdom of God, and I did my best to provide it for them.

Upon separation from the Navy, I attended Eugene Bible College (now New Hope Christian College), and, like many students in their early 20s, I did more playing than studying, failing some classes and, at the end of 5 years, and, with the gentle kick in strategic places from my girlfriend, I received my BA. Actually, she told me that if I do not graduate, she would not marry me. Enough said.

She is the love of my life, better than I deserve. She has been a friend, partner, and much more since July 1985. Together we have raised 2 daughters who are now grown and finding their way in the world. Life does not always work out as we plan. We have been instrumental in raising our granddaughter off and on for most of her life. Since then, she has become as much of a daughter as either of our natural daughters.