Positive Motivators

The corporate world has definitely taken some major hits to the bottom line and have had to make hard decisions to satisfy both the accountants and shareholders over the past years. Too often the decision makers see business through green-colored glasses and because personnel is the easiest way to impact expenses, cuts to payroll and training are the first area to feel the axe.

Because we have to run a business we think that relationships with people have to be neutral or even hostile. But, can we really afford to be impartial, dehumanized when making decisions? Sam Walton was a pioneer that I used to emulate when I was in retail and I thought he had it right. “Take care of your customers (internal and external) and your customers will take care of you.”

this is not a popular perspective partly because this is not the way it is taught in the colleges and universities. But, people need connection. People crave interaction with other people. Science has demonstrated that people who are isolated from others develop mental illness and social problems. People who are trained, mentored, and treated with respect take ownership in their jobs, they make solid decisions, and can be a key ingredient in the prosperity of the business.

The customer pays our bills and the internal customers/our employees, are on the front lines and are in prime location to know the business and customer pulse. If given the opportunity, they can provide valuable input and would even take ownership producing exceptional partners as well as increasing profit.

In these days of challenging employment opportunities I was thinking that we, as employers, could use some encouraging ideas to motivate and encourage our co-workers/employees. If we promote positive behaviors we can create employee friendly work places, creating Best Places to work and increase innovative companies that are dynamic as well as profitable.

Positive Motivators

  1. Know your standards, communicate them, and be consistent.
  2. Be aware of your own biases and prejudices so that others do not interfere with your evaluation and performances.
  3. Let people know where you stand.
  4. Give praise when it is due.
  5. Give lots of opportunity to take ownership
  6. Mentor, mentor, mentor.
  7. Keep your employees informed of changes which may affect them.
  8. Care about your employees.
  9. Perceive people as ends, not the means.
  10. Show genuine concern.
  11. Go out of your way to help.
  12. Take responsibility.
  13. Build independence.
  14. Be tactful.
  15. Give others unqualified attention.
  16. Exhibit personal diligence.
  17. Be willing to learn from mistakes of others and yourself.
  18. Stay flexible.
  19. Demonstrate confidence.
  20. Allow freedom of expression.
  21. Provide an atmosphere of learning and growth.
  22. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate.
  23. Encourage autonomy and independence.
  24. Be positive and encouraging.
  25. Be consistent.
  26. Be firm on your standards and goals.
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