Self Examination

What do you stand for? For what do you want to be remembered? All of us want to leave a legacy, want to be remembered by others for some significant endeavor we have left behind when we leave this planet.

Setting goals is one part of the process of accomplishing significance. Self-examination is another step along the way.  Maybe you have your own mantra or assessment that you review to ensure you are on course to achieve your goals and leave your mark on the world.

  1. Have I this day been guarded in all my conversation, saying not one thing inconsistent with truth, purity, or charity?
  2. Have I acted in love toward my neighbor?
  3. Have I done my part toward my family?
  4. Have I been temperate in all respects and refrained from unlawful desires, behaviors, habits, and anxieties?
  5. Have I been diligent in my business dealings?
  6. Have I given full time to effectual study?
  7. Have I admitted any other fear besides fear of God?
  8. Have I acted congruent with my beliefs and convictions?
  9. If in any of the above, what must I do to realign myself to those things which mean the most to my life goals and ambitions.

Life is too short be caught up in the pettiness of quarrels and fruitless fights or arguments. Make your life count for making the world better. There are enough people wasting their energies and time on things that do not make their lives, let alone the world a better place for all humanity.

As for me, I want others to know my name, know what I stand for and know that I lived my life with purpose toward a greater good. For me, this is making the lives of veterans and others who have experienced sexual trauma are living better, successful lives because they have engaged with me in some fashion. I want to help others live a meaningful, full life. This would include being healthy relationships with others, making themselves and others better. After all, isn’t that what makes relationships and society function and grow?

What are your ambitions? Goals? Convictions? What gives your life meaning, hope and happiness? Do you know what these are? Do you have a plan to be an influencer in your own life and the lives of those you meet? It is the most fulfilling path, and you will be happier and more fulfilled by investing in others.

David Hooker