The Missing Jewel

I’ve been busy with a new story. Thought I’d share a little with all of you. Hope you enjoy it.

He was bound and unable to move. He could hear the drums in beating a slow deep beat. The distant chanting made his heartbeat in rhythm with the drums. He struggled at his bindings, but they were tight and would not budge. “I must stay calm” he thought to himself. “I have to find a way out of this.” He attempted to look around, but the darkness hid everything.

Suddenly he heard soft breathing behind him. He turned to see who, or what, it was. Whatever it was was hidden. He twisted, scooted, and manipulated to see what was behind him. No use. It was growing darker making recognition of anything in his captivity impossible to see. The soft breathing became louder and finally became a grunt. What are they waiting for? Why don’t they just get it over with? The anxiety inside him swelled till he thought the creature could smell the fear for sure. 

“Just Eat me after all. The suspense is killing me.”

“Rodney ol’ chap. It’s good to see you. Not in these circumstances I’ll have you. But, it’s nice to know you are still alive.”

“Wha- who is that?”

“It’s Wilfred Huntington from London. Remember me? We served together in the Army. Congo, I believe.”

“Where are we and what the devil is going on. What are those drums?”

“Drums? You must be dreaming or hallucinating. We’re locked in a New Zealand prison, not a jungle hut.”

Indeed, Rodney could feel a cold stone floor under his hands. As his eyes adjusted, he could make out a thin sliver of light past the direction of the voice.

“They brought you in here 2 days ago. You’ve been out cold and mumbling something about jewels and gotta find that passage”.

“What’s all that about? What jewels? what passage? What are you jabbering about my boy?”

He was trying to remember but his head hurt. Rodney felt the top of his head and discovered a lump the size of a tennis ball. This was very curious, and he didn’t trust Wilfred. It had been too long ago, and he was sure Wilfred died in a hunting accident. Where was he? How did he get here? Wherever here is? And what in blazes is going on?

Rodney decided he would stay where he was wait it out. He would try not to give away any information to his fellow captive and see what information he could ferret out of his companion.

He leaned over and dropped to his side, put his head on his elbow and went back to sleep.

David Hooker