The Spirit of Change

As I read various blogs, Facebook posts, listen to news and talk to my neighbors I cannot keep silent. People are calling for justice and change, and it seems like a “revolution” is on the horizon. Christians should be on the forefront of the fight for social change, equality and eliminating prejudice. What does this look like, though. Should Christians be among those protesting? What is our responsibility?

I say, “YES”. We need to be among those protesting, those hurting, those in jail, or hungry, or naked. Our mission is to “be fruitful and multiply”. It is our responsibility to make disciples, not just converts. It is not to “evangelize”, but, to make disciples. To be like Christ, not protest the problem, but as people who know the answer. To be on the front lines listening to the cry of people’s hearts and with the whisper and movement to the Holy Spirit offering hope and answering the real cry of their heart. We know the answer and can introduce them to Christ, and Him crucified and risen. This is the truest answer to the real problem.

The battle is not city hall, the governor’s off, or corrupt police departments/officers or even politicians. The battle that we, as “little Christs” wage is against the unseen forces of spiritual dimensions. Our fight is not of the visible world of flesh and blood, it is against everything that sets itself against God. Do you not see? Do you not understand? This world and all that is in it is temporal. It is but grass of the field which is here today and gone tomorrow. So is every life and problem in it. We are made for more than this. We are made to love and after we have fought the good fight, we will go on to glory.

David Hooker