The Standard in Trauma Coaching for Active Military & Veterans

The Standard in Trauma Coaching for Active Military & Veterans

Coaching vs Counseling

Counseling and coaching were established from the same foundations of Adler, Rogers, and other psychotherapists. The basics of both build on those foundations and branch slightly to accomplish collaborative ends. Where counseling works from a point in the past to help the client heal from past trauma, coaching works from the
premise that the client is reasonably healthy and functioning in life and wants focused guidance and direction as well as being held accountable to achieve goals the client has set. Counseling is counselor directed whereas coaching is client directed.

My Mission:

Provide veterans with mental health, trauma, life coaching & support services.

Offer resources and training to, not just manage, but succeed in personal goals.

Collaborate with those having a history of trauma, offering strategies, and tools to find the way forward.

Offer spiritual Coaching to anyone desiring deeper Christian experience.

"Trauma can happen to anyone in the military, even if they're not in a war zone."

Why choose LifeCrafters

trauma coaching center

Veteran owned small business.

Particularly trained in veteran/military trauma.

Concentration in PTSD, MST, and Moral Injury.

Provide preliminary assessment.

Work with transitioning military.

Sympathetic to veterans and active military.

Provide tools for life and success.

Worked with chronically mentally ill.

Relieve already burgeoning VA case loads.

Many veterans and active military have lost
trust in the government.


David Hooker Coach at Lifecrafters

David Hooker 

As a veteran I understand the challenges that veterans and military people struggle with during and after a trauma.

Knowing firsthand the challenges experienced by veterans and military personnel, I am uniquely experienced and qualified to help others who themselves have endured trauma. I am passionate about helping survivors of trauma.


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Focused Certifications:

Caring for our Veterans

Military Care and Counsel

Epidemiology of Military PTSD

Foundations of MH Coaching

MST Past, Present and Future

Pharmacology of Addition

Corporate Profile

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